About Our Logo


The Kukui tree is the foundation of our logo and branding. Otherwise known as the “candlenut tree” (Aleurites moluccana), the Kukui tree bears nuts that contain oily kernels which will burn when lit and were much valued as a source of light. Hawaiians would skewer several of these kernels on the midrib of a coconut frond which was stuck in a container of sand or soil (or directly in the earth itself). The kernels of this “candle” were then burned one by one, top to bottom, each providing about 15 minutes or so of light.

Since the Kukui tree was a source of light it was also a symbol of enlightenment. Thus, our logo graphically represents just such a Hawaiian Kukui nut candle that is burning and shedding it’s light on all that Hawaii offers, past and present. We invite you to see and experience the islands with the “light” that we offer…

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